According to the Nation’s Report Card and the National Reading Panel only 32% of 4th grade students and 31% of 8th grade students read at grade level in America. Literacy statistics

also reveal that 66% of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of

4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare (Begin to Read).

      The goal and mission of American Indian Solutions is to assist in the improvement of the reading and literacy skills of American Indian children, adults and others. Our focus is on training reading and literacy tutors to learn the necessary knowledge, values, skills and techniques to teach students to improve their reading and literacy skills. Teachers, teacher aids, parents and others are being trained to become expert reading tutors to help illiterate and functionally illiterate children and adults to improve their literacy skills.

These targeted reading and literacy tutors are taught to teach reading using phonics and phonemic decoding skills. After being trained, these reading tutors are prepared and capable to begin tutoring students to improve their reading and literacy skills immediately.

You and I may be the last chance for many students to learn

to read in our homes, schools, churches or communities.

This group completed the Reading Tutorial Class!

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